About Bad Face Bots

A team of exploratory robots, Bad Face Bots (BFBS), arrive on a post-apocalyptic Earth, only to discover it covered in trash left behind by humans as they rushed to flee the Earth. Entranced by these forgotton objects, our Bad Face Bots find inventive ways to use this debris by altering these mechanics to their own anatomy. Mimicking human ways in their own quirky style, they adapt to a new lifestyle on this dumpster planet. Keep an eye on our Bad Face Bots as they navigate and acclimate to the world that us humans have left behind.

Token Info

Unique, 1/1 Generated

All our BFBS are one of a kind. No two are the same. Whilst all Bots are unique, some Bots will be rarer than others.


We are not just an NFT product. We strive to focus on the future development of our BFBS and build a strong creative community.

300+ Traits in 11 Categories

Our BFBS are generated from 300+ traits in 11 categories, such as: head, core, eyes, ears, body deco etc. resulting in over 100 Trillion different combinations. Our wide range of traits allow our BFBS to have differing degrees of rarity, but rest assured, all our BFBS carry value in their own right.

3D Artwork

All our BFBS are 100% produced in 3D.

Usage Rights Included

Owners of each BFBS possess commercial usage rights to their NFT.


Non-fungible token secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

RoadMap 2.0

Prepare to embark on your own unique Bad Face Bots adventure. Here you will find an outline for what we have prepared for those who would like to join our journey. Please stay tuned as we will regularly update our roadmap with new and exciting projects for you to enjoy.


Bad Face Brand Direction

Bad Face Bots aims to be a trend-setting art brand. The core values of the Bad Face Bots brand will be illustrated through the originality and details in a unique NFT art narrative based around a team exploratory robots’ voyage on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Through our high-quality NFT artworks, we also hope to raise awareness and invoke self-reflections for environmental conservation and invoke deeper thought and meanings.


Bad Face Holders and Community

BFBS holders and the community is vital to the project’s development. Our goals can only be achieved by having a common vision and development direction amongst the community. Having start with limited resources, this opens doors to endless possibilities and journeys. Through that, we must also strike a balance between visions and what’s pragmatically possible to ensure the transparent development of BFBS within the community. As a benefit for holders, aside from the 10 $Trash rewarded daily for each BFBS NFT, there will be additional NFT coming in the future (as free mint or airdrop), as well as occasionally lucky draws events and much more. Patience is a virtue, as thorough planning is needed to ensure the best options can be delivered to the community.


Blessing from Above


Our 5555 BFBS continue their journey and provide energy to the Bad Face Bots World every day. Each BFBS will receive 10 $Trash every day!! $Trash is the driving token within the Bad Face Bots Ecosystem and will be pivotal for the development of the Bad Face Bots World. $Trash aims to be a scalable token that can support various projects and uses, including actions in the metaverse, and possibly be used as payment for future NFT or products in real life. As the BFBS world grows, more applications will come. $Trash will be issued for 10 years, with an estimate of 20,275,750 $Trash issued per year.


Bad Face Motherboard


The Official BFBS Site will go through a big update, adding Dapp Functions. Once updated, BFBS holders will have additional functions and features they can use. BFBS Fam familiar with NFT market may have understood the relation between blockchain and Dapp, and the role it has for the project’s future development and success. Hence development details are carefully considered to ensure longevity and stability. When Dapp is released, the “Magic Wand” function will also be released, holders can download their BFBS (transparent background), for personal or commercial use.


The Future of Faith

Bad Face Palace

We are developing Bad Face Palace to spread the Bad Face Mindset. While hope and faith are vital element for BFBS during the exploration of the post-apocalyptic Earth. In the Bad Face Palace, BFBS holders can gain many original high-resolution image files crafted by Kamanwilliam (all revolving around the BFBS universe), and potentially files from another dimension?! BFBS holder can create any type of art (Physical or Metaverse) and community creations using all resources provided in the Palace, using art to spread Bad Face Mindset to every corner of the universe. We will occasionally update relevant news and share content with the community, providing encouragement to ourselves and the community to consider faith and values in whole new ways and perspectives.


Bad Face Ship


BFBS holders will receive (Free mint) their own Metaspace Bad Face Ship (Tentative name: Bad Face Ship Type 01-A). In their ship, BFBS holders can display NFTs from their wallets and do many more. This part is created in collaboration with our passionate and talented MetaSpace Team and more information will be released soon!!


Strangers in the wasteland

New Drop

Since arriving on post-apocalyptic Earth, BFBS has adapted to a new lifestyle and created a new civilization, but their exploration never ends. During an excursion led by a general, a P6 squad founds signs of life amongst the wasteland and reported their findings to CYBORG. CYBORG, being half-human recognizes the lifeforms and states that in the past, they are friends of humans… In the future, each BFBS will form a dynamic duo, partnering with their own “Pal from the Past” (NFT Free Mint).


Bot Revolution

In the long run, We will maintain an open attitude toward collaboration possibilities to grow our community. The Core team will not be the sole explorers in the journey, Expansion, and collaborations will be the first step in the revolution. Bad Face Bots will continue to openly look for collaboration opportunities to strengthen itself and its position as a brand and nothing will restrict our bots from exploring far and wide. What we have are a goal and direction, and in the future, whenever additional feasible possibilities arise, we will continue to expand and insert new goals and content.


The Real World

Developing in the real world is something the team also desires. The team already began searching for relevant information and formulating plans and logistics (supply, global shipment, quality control, etc.) Even if it means starting from simple prints (non-official BFBS designs), we hope to create something for our BFBS holders in the real world! Regardless if it's artworks, clothing, exquisite goods, exhibitions, or others, we hope you will look forward to one day seeing official BFBS goods released for everyone.


Developing BFBS World

There are close ties between the discoveries of the 5555 Bad Face Bots in their expeditions and the development of the BFBS world! The concepts in NFT World and metaverse create various potentials for the development of the characters and the environment. Those who explore the meaning between the content may discover insights and invoke reflection. Kamanwilliam's creative art style will further expand and display the details and spirit of the lore. The team hopes to continue this journey with the community to explore the vast potentials available and make new discoveries for the BFBS world.


Meet the team

Co-Founder &
Lead Artist

Co-Founder &
Lead Developer

Community Manager

Web Developer

Community Manager


How many Bad Face Bots are there?
We are proud to boast a diverse collection of 5555 randomly generated NFTs.
When is the launch?
We will announce the exact date on our Twitter and Discord.
How do I mint?
You can visit our website at https://badfacebots.com/ to connect your Metamask wallet.
Metamask can be downloaded from the App store, Google Play, and Chrome Extension on IOS, Android and PC devices respectively.
How long will it take for my NFT to be revealed after minting?
The image will be announced within 24 hours after sold out.
Will there be a presale?
You must be signed up to our Whitelist to take part in our Presale. We will be holding our Presale very soon, as our Whitelist spaces are limited, please keep an eye on our Discord channel to receive the newest updates on how to sign up.
Who is the owner of the NFT?
Once you own a particular BFBS, Bad Face Bots Team grants you a license to use copy and display the purchased art worldwide, whether for personal or commercial use. Ownership of the NFT is mediated entirely by the Smart Contract and the Ethereum Network.